Topics for the 10 discussion forum

1 – Quality of Higher Education

Chair Adam Gajek – European Students’ Union (ESU)

  • How to improve the quality of the learning experience? (European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the EHEA)
  • Evaluation of learning instruments (Quality Committee)
  • High quality universities with low fees: Is it possible?

2 – Student-Centred Learning

Chair Aleksandar Šušnja – European Students’ Union (ESU)

  • Concept of “Student-Centred Learning”
  • Benefits of innovative learning for teachers and students
  • Challenges of innovative learning for teachers and students

3 – New ways of teaching and learning

Chair Ellen Filmberg – University of Oslo

  • Learning in the digital era: E-learning and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
  • Innovation and Education: Can universities nurture the creativity of students?

4 – Fostering access to Higher Education

Chair Bojana Zimonjić – Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

  • Importance of diverse classrooms
  • Student services
  • HousErasmus+: What are the challenges international students and trainees face when looking for accommodation abroad and how to improve the situation

5 – Student Mobility

Chair Dominique Montagnese – Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

  • Barriers for student mobility: Visas and socio-economic issues
  • How to choose the university to study at: Are the international rankings used by students?
  • European and international mobility for study or traineeships under the Erasmus+ programme: Benefits and challenges

6 – Recognition

Chair Erasmus Student Network (ESN) – Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

  • Recognition of credits and conversion of the grades for exchange studentsEGRACONS: European GRAde CONversion System
  • PRIME: Problems of Recognition In Making Erasmus
    Recognition of titles for degree seeking students (Lisbon Convention)

7 – Employability of students

Chair Janet Su – University of Lausanne

  • Cooperation with enterprises for the continuous improvement of education and employability of Students
  • Impact of students’ international mobility on their employability
  • Hard and soft skills: Are European universities helping students to develop both?

8 – Greener Universities

Chair Benjamin Skiaker Myrstad – University of Oslo

  • Greener universities: The role of students
  • SAVES project: Putting students at the heart of an energy-efficient Europe
  • WE ARE PARIS project –

9 – Integration of refugees: What can universities do?

Chair Chiara Patricolo – European Students’ Union (ESU)

  • How to overcome language barriers as an international student?
  • Refugee crisis: Can universities do more?
  • The importance of cross-cultural understanding

10 – The Future of Europe

Chair Michela Pellegrino – Sapienza University of Rome

  • Unity and diversity in Europe: The challenge of multiculturalism
  • Student mobility and the enlargement of the European Union
  • Europe’s political future