USA-ITALY Joint Commission Meeting “Advanced Materials and  Nanotechnologies”
Technical Exchange and Site Visit

May 11-12, 2017 – University of Rome «Tor Vergata»
Rome – Italy

In cooperation with the Embassy of Italy in Washington, D.C., the National Research Council of Italy, the University of Rome “Tor Vergata,” the University of Bologna, and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, you are kindly invited to the dialogue on “Smart Sensing: Quantum Investigations in Living Systems.”
The exchange will be held within the framework of the USA-ITALY Joint Commission Meeting on S&T and is an action of the “Advanced Materials and Nanotechnologies” Working Group.

The working group discussion will encompass fundamental sensing studies that illuminate the structure and property of living systems. “Smart sensing” can be methodologies that leverage quantum techniques for use in characterizing subcellular behavior. This includes novel methods in the discovery of ground-breaking basic science that can range from investigations at the quantum, atomic and molecular scales within the biological landscape. Examples can involve studies of bio-molecular and atomic imaging below the diffraction limit as well as the elucidation of magnetism, photo-biomodulation and radiation-tissue interactions. Of particular interest are studies that uncover the role of electronic, vibrational and spin quantum properties in biological processes that can be measured with innovative techniques. The discussion aims to achieve a clearer understanding of chemical biology and biological physics.

The dialogue will include participation from the Australian National Fabrication Facility and the Minerals Technology Laboratory of South Africa as part of the working group multi-lateral effort in Smart Sensing.

Abstracts must be sent until 7/04/2017 at:

Acceptance Notification:
April 14, 2017